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US Glacier national park is losing its glaciers with just 26 of 150 left

Archived, 16 days ago From theguardian.com 

London, U K - It’s now “inevitable” that the contiguous United States will lose all of its glaciers within a matter of decades, according to scientists who have revealed the precipitous shrinkage of dozens of glaciers in Montana.

Warming temperature ...

Even your sea salt contains microplastics

Archived, 16 days ago From ecowatch.com 

Cleveland, OHIO - Sea salt may be healthy and rich in minerals, but a new study found it is also rich in plastic.

Sea salt, especially pink Himalayan salt, has gained some popularity in the past few years for mega health benefits like increased energy a ...

Officials from Arctic nations meet amid drilling concerns

Archived, 16 days ago From phys.org 

Douglas, Isle of Man, U K - High-level officials from the world's eight Arctic nations will meet in Alaska amid concerns about the future of the sensitive region after President Donald Trump called for more oil drilling and development.

Among those expected to at ...

Trump administration continues war on environmental regulations

Archived, 16 days ago From care2.com 

Redwood City, CALIFORNIA - The Trump administration clearly doesn’t care about clean water. Or about clean air. Or clean energy. However, President Donald Trump has come up with one thing he’d really like to keep clean: his administration’s break from the environmental regulat ...

Larger swaths of tropical forest being lost to commercial agriculture

Archived, 17 days ago From sciencedaily.com 

Rockville, MARYLAND - Larger patches of tropical forest are being lost worldwide as governments and corporations clear more land to make way for industrial-scale agriculture, a Duke University study shows.

The newly published analysis reveals that clearings ...

Indian solar power prices hit record low, undercutting fossil fuels

Archived, 17 days ago From theguardian.com 

London, U K - Wholesale solar power prices have reached another record low in India, faster than analysts predicted and further undercutting the price of fossil fuel-generated power in the country.

The tumbling price of solar energy also increases t ...

Rising temperatures threaten stability of Tibetan alpine grasslands

Archived, 17 days ago From phys.org 

Douglas, Isle of Man, U K - A warming climate could affect the stability of alpine grasslands in Asia's Tibetan Plateau, threatening the ability of farmers and herders to maintain the animals that are key to their existence, and potentially upsetting the ecology of an area in w ...

World’s largest offshore wind farm opens in The Netherlands

Archived, 17 days ago From inhabitat.com 

El Segundo, CALIFORNIA - Dutch officials have increased the country’s clean energy repertoire with the world’s largest offshore wind farm. Opened on Monday, Gemini wind park has 150 wind turbines spinning approximately 53 miles (85 kilometers) off the northern coast of The N ...

San Francisco’s rapid transit to run on 100% renewable energy

Archived, 17 days ago From inhabitat.com 

El Segundo, CALIFORNIA - Commuters in the San Francisco area can feel even better about taking public transport to lower their carbon footprints, as the Bay Area’s Rapid Transit (BART) system will soon be powered by 100 percent renewable energy.

Days ago, the ...

Obama resurfaces in Italy to rally against ‘climate change’

Archived, 17 days ago From conservativereview.com 

Scottsdale, ARIZONA - Former President Barack Obama has resurfaced in Milan, Italy, for a conference on climate change. Obama, who, upon becoming president, promised to heal the planet and lower sea levels, told the world in Italy that the world is facing a crisis of epic ...

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