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Australia Pledges Half A Billion To Restore Great Barrier Reef

Archived, 54 days ago From  

AUSTRALIA - Australia pledged half a billion dollars to restore and protect the Great Barrier Reef Sunday in what it said would be a game-changer for the embattled natural wonder, but conservationists were not convinced. ...

We Are Going To Self-destruct: Development Plans Threaten Malaysian Island

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MALAYSIA - In the UNESCO-listed Kilim Karst Geopark in Langkawi, a man in T-shirt and shorts laughs with his friends as one of the long-tailed macaques that are ubiquitous across the Malaysian island leaps onto their boat to snatch a bag of chips from his hands ...

Remembering Aznacollar: 20 Years After The Mining Disaster

Archived, 55 days ago From  

SPAIN - This week marks the 20th anniversary of the Aznalcollar disaster in Spain, when the dumping of toxic sludge from a mining raft reached Donana National Park, thereby threatening one of the most important biodiversity areas in all of Europe. Laurence R ...

Shocking And Worrying: Selective Logging Has Big, Lasting Impact On Fish

Archived, 57 days ago From  

MALAYSIA - Selective logging has long been considered the lesser evil compared to clear-cutting when it comes to habitat preservation. But a new study adds to a growing chorus of concern that the practice may, in many ways, be just as harmful as outright defore ...

Catastrophic Coral Damage Discovered On Australia's Great Barrier Reef

Archived, 59 days ago From  

AUSTRALIA - Astralia's Great Barrier Reef suffered a "catastrophic die-off" of coral during an extended heatwave in 2016, threatening a broader range of reef life than previously feared, a report revealed Thursday. ...

US Urban Areas Are Losing 36 Million Trees Every Year, Study Finds

Archived, 59 days ago From  

Urban and community areas in the U.S. are losing their trees, according to a new study conducted by the U.S. Forest Service. And this loss is happening at a fast clip ? the study finds that, overall, these areas lost around 175,000 acres of tree cove ...

Five Asian Countries Dump More Plastic Into Oceans Than Anyone Else Combined: How You Can Help

Archived, 60 days ago From  

INDONESIA - Indonesia?s Citarum River?, blackened by debris beyond recognition, has been dubbed the most polluted river in the world. The situation has gotten so bad that the army was recently called in to remove the plastic waste and prevent further dumping in ...

Conservation Effectiveness Series Sparks Action, Dialogue

Archived, 61 days ago From  

Some strategies for protecting forests and wildlife, such as protected areas and community forestry, have become immensely popular around the world. ...

Crunch Time For Saving Environment On Farmland

Archived, 66 days ago From  

U K - As the debate on the next EU budget draws to a close, will Budget Commissioner Oettinger dedicate enough to the environment and climate in the future Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) to avert disaster? ...

Earth Day founder Calls For An End To Plastic Pollution

Archived, 66 days ago From  

Denis Hayes was the principal national organizer of the first Earth Day in 1970, and he took the event to the international stage in 1990. He is board chair of the international Earth Day Network, and President of the Bullitt Foundation. ...

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From Maine to Florida, people along the East Coast strongly oppose offshore oil and gas drilling in the Atlantic Ocean -- yet ...

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