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Jail Time For Jaguar Traffickers

Archived, 18 days ago From  

BOLIVIA - A Bolivian court has set a legal precedent by sentencing traffickers in jaguar parts to up to four years in prison. While prosecutors failed to convince the panel of judges of the magnitude of the case, they plan to present a wider legal reform next ...

US Could Cut Emissions More Than One-Fifth Through 'Natural Climate Solutions' Like Reforestation

Archived, 21 days ago From  

More than one-fifth of current greenhouse gas emissions in the United States could be kept out of the atmosphere and stored in the land, according to new research. ...

Malaysia's 2019 Budget Does It Go Far Enough To Protect Biodiversity?

Archived, 23 days ago From  

MALAYSIA - Malaysia?s 2019 budget included promises to protect the tropical Southeast Asian country's rich natural heritage. But more needs to be done to address declining biodiversity it's a matter of national security, writes WWF Malaysia's conservation direc ...

Crime-Solving Insects Threatened By Climate Change

Archived, 23 days ago From  

Climate change has spurred the spread of invasive insects that devour crops, destroy homes, and spread disease. Now, rising temperatures are driving cadaver-eating blow flies to migrate north in search of cooler weather, with consequences for forensi ...

Honduras Leads Central American Response To Climate Change

Archived, 23 days ago From  

HONDURAS - By now, we recognize that deforestation and fossil fuel emissions impact polar bears in the Arctic and raise sea levels around the world. But climate change also hits in ways and places less publicized. ...

Activists Urge End To South Korean Funding Of Indonesia Coal Plants

Archived, 23 days ago From  

SOUTH KOREA - Environmental activists in Indonesia have called on South Korean funders to withdraw their support for new coal-fired plants that they warn will be the most polluting in the Southeast Asian country. ...

Could Brazil Be On Verge Of One Of World's Biggest Conservation Agreements? (Commentary)

Archived, 23 days ago From  

BRAZIL - An agreement on the future of the soy industry in Brazil's Cerrado would be a very, very big deal. Here's why. The Cerrado is huge, almost three times the size of Texas. It is a mixture of savanna, woodlands and forest with very high biodiversity. It ...

Bolsonaro Pledges Government Shakeup, Deregulation, Amazon Development

Archived, 23 days ago From  

BRAZIL - Jair Bolsonaro, who won the Brazilian election in late October, does not take office until 1 January 2019. However, the extreme right populist politician has already signaled that he intends a radical reorganization of the Brazilian state, along with ...

Birdwatching With Jonathan Franzen: 'Climate Change Isn't The Only Danger To Birds'

Archived, 24 days ago From  

"The two things I love most are novels and birds, and they're both in trouble," says The Corrections author, one of the world's most famous birdwatchers ...

Deforested, Degraded Land Restoration A Top Priority For African Leaders

Archived, 24 days ago From  

African leaders came together on Nov. 13 to back the restoration of hundreds of thousands of square kilometers of degraded ecosystems ahead of the start of the U.N. Biodiversity Conference. ...

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