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Voices Of The Alto Mayo: Women In Charge

Archived, 80 days ago From Conservation International 

Despite its protected status, Peru?s Alto Mayo Protected Forest a swath of Amazonian rainforest twice the size of New York City has seen some of the country?s highest rates of deforestation. Since 2012, Conservation International has sought to halt t ...

Wildfire Burns About 250 Acres On Santa Cruz Island

Archived, 83 days ago From  

On Thursday 95 firefighters from California and Arizona were assigned to the fire. ...

In Land Untouched By Mines, Indigenous Holdouts Fight A Coal Invasion

Archived, 85 days ago From  

INDONESIA - Stretching across the slopes of the Meratus mountains, where the indigenous Dayak people strip rubber and harvest mountain rice, Central Hulu Sungai is the last district in Indonesia?s South Kalimantan province free of mining and palm oil. ...

Traditional Landowners Reject Mining Exploration Bid In Bougainville

Archived, 87 days ago From  

PAPUA NEW GUINEA - Traditional landowners in Bougainville, Papua New Guinea, have exerted their power of veto under the autonomous region?s new mining laws and rejected a corporate bid by Bougainville Copper Limited (BCL) to embark on renewed exploration at the war-rav ...

Promoting Resilience In Coral Reefs Can Combat Habitat Loss

Archived, 89 days ago From  

Coral reefs have become a focus for observation and study due to their economic and ecological importance and sensitivity to warming ocean temperatures. ...

Acidification Makes Corals More Brittle. It May Even Dissolve Them

Archived, 90 days ago From  

MALAYSIA - The world?s corals, Malaysia?s own stunning reefs included, are facing a host of environmental challenges to their continued survival as a result of manmade global warming and other harmful human activities. These include rising water temperatures, i ...

Earth Is Losing Plants And Animals At A Dangerous Rate

Archived, 90 days ago From  

COLOMBIA - What is the state of biodiversity on Earth? Four scientific reports from the United Nations reveal that the Earth may be in store for a lonelier existence. ...

Tree-chopping, Eagle-feeding And Jet Skis Among Threats To Langkawi, Says Group

Archived, 90 days ago From  

MALAYSIA - A conservation group has offered to help the Kedah government in the wake of claims that the holiday island could lose its Unesco status. ...

Colombia Scraps Amazon Highway Plans Due To Deforestation Concern

Archived, 92 days ago From  

COLOMBIA - Colombia?s President Juan Manuel Santos declared earlier this month that a controversial highway project that would cut through the Amazon will not be completed. Santos pointed at rampant deforestation and potentially irreversible environmental impac ...

Microplastic Pollution In Worlds Oceans Poses Major Threat To Filter-feeding Megafauna

Archived, 92 days ago From  

Even as the world is waking up to the problems created by the massive amounts of plastic pollution in Earth?s oceans and taking steps to address the issue new research is shedding light on how detrimental that pollution is to marine wildlife. ...

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From Maine to Florida, people along the East Coast strongly oppose offshore oil and gas drilling in the Atlantic Ocean -- yet ...

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