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Revealed: Climate threat to birds that migrate

Archived, 24 days ago From heraldscotland.com 

Glasgow, U K - Migrating birds are arriving at their breeding grounds earlier as global temperatures rise, a study has found.

Birds have reached their summer breeding grounds on average about one day earlier per degree of increasing global temperatur ...

In Spain first, Madrid bans half of cars to fight smog

Archived, 24 days ago From phys.org 

Douglas, Isle of Man, U K - Madrid's city hall announced Wednesday it had ordered half of most private cars off the roads to fight a particularly bad bout of pollution, a first in Spain.

From Thursday, between 0530 GMT and 2000 GMT, "vehicles with even-number reg ...

City of Las Vegas 100% powered by renewable energy

Archived, 24 days ago From care2.com 

Redwood City, CALIFORNIA - If I were to ask you to list some traits you associate with Las Vegas, you could probably ramble for an hour without “environmentally-conscious” coming to mind. That’s for good reason – all of those neon lights take a lot of energy to power and a lot ...

Ontario set to tackle climate change with cap-and-trade launch on Jan. 1

Archived, 24 days ago From theglobeandmail.com 

Toronto, CANADA - On the first day of the new year, Ontario will launch its cap-and-trade system on carbon in a bid to vault the province to the front lines of the battle against climate change.

It is the centrepiece of the Wynne government’s Climate Ch ...

World's first solar panel road just opened in France

Archived, 25 days ago From natureworldnews.com 

Jacksonville, FLORIDA - France has just opened what it says is the world's first solar panel road in a Normandy village. The road is a whopping one-kilometer route in the small village of Tourouvre-au-Perche covered with 2,800 square meters of electricity-generating panels. ...

22 million pounds of plastic enter the Great Lakes every year

Archived, 25 days ago From care2.com 

Redwood City, CALIFORNIA - Welcome to the latest edition of Planet Plastic, in which we find that not only are our oceans rife with plastic pollution, but our greatest of lakes suffer the indignity as well.

Such is the conclusion of a new study from the Rocheste ...

After Asia, palm oil faces backlash in Africa

Archived, 25 days ago From dailymail.co.uk 

London, U K - Its lower cost has made it popular in commercial food production, but after being blamed for deforestation in Asia, palm oil plantations are now getting a similar rap in Africa.

The sheer scale of land required is having an impact in G ...

Former California farm produces solar power that’s cheaper than fossil fuels

Archived, 25 days ago From inhabitat.com 

El Segundo, CALIFORNIA - In a radical shift from dirt farm to solar farm, a California property that was once an abandoned farm is now producing 155 megawatts of clean energy that’s cheaper than fossil fuels. Clean Technica reports that 8minuteenergy’s Springbok 2 solar farm ...

Major flooding in UK now likely every year, warns lead climate adviser

Archived, 25 days ago From theguardian.com 

London, U K - Major flooding in the UK is now likely to happen every year but ministers still have no coherent long-term plan to deal with it, the government’s leading adviser on the impacts of climate change has warned.

Boxing Day in 2015 saw sever ...

Climate link to glacier retreat now irrefutable

Archived, 26 days ago From ecowatch.com 

Cleveland, OHIO - The retreat of mountain glaciers nearly everywhere in the world over the last century can be put down to climate change. And scientists now think that they can say so with between 90 percent and 99 percent certainty in almost all cases.


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