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Venezuelas Hungry Hunt Wildlife, Zoo Animals, As Economic Crisis Grows

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VENEZUELA - The wildlife of Venezuela, one of 17 countries that account for 70 percent of the world?s biodiversity, has come under new pressure in addition to deforestation, toxic oil spills and illegal trafficking: human starvation. ...

In Unsuspecting Indian Villages, The International Rhino Horn Trade Takes A Toll

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INDIA - Tucked among the tall trees of Jaldapara National Park, in the Himalayan foothills of Indias West Bengal state, Kodalbasti village is home to about 265 families. The corrugated rooftops of their homes dot the green landscape, slender betel palm trees ...

On Endangered Species Day, The Indian Pangolin Is What Indians Should Be Worried About

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As of 2017, of the 67,222 animal species included in the IUCN Red List, 2,851 are Critically Endangered, and 4,314 are Endangered, with the number being on a constant rise. A whopping 748 different animal species have been declared extinct, i.e., 748 ...

Wild Elephant Tramples Man To Death In Cuttack Village

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INDIA - In yet another incident of man-animal conflict in the state, an elderly man was trampled to death by a wild elephant in Taila village near Khairapanga under Badamba police limits in the district on Sunday. ...

Invasive Mice Endanger The Atlantic Yellow-nosed Albatross On Gough Island

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Endangered Atlantic Yellow-nosed Albatross have been pushed to the brink of extinction by invasive mice on Gough Island in the South Atlantic Ocean. But, that will soon change. The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds is taking action to protect ...

Will Chinas New Ban On The Ivory Trade Help Or Hurt?

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CHINA - At the end of 2017, China announced it had closed down the domestic trade in ivory. Conservation establishment players did victory laps declaring the move a major step in curtailing elephant poaching. The news website China.org.cn featured an opinion ...

Sifaka Lemurs Listed As Critically Endangered Amid Mysterious Die-off

Archived, 39 days ago From  

MADAGASCAR - Lemurs in Madagascar have been under pressure from deforestation, poaching, drought and other challenges for years. Now, in the much-visited Berenty Reserve near the island?s southern tip, one species faces a mysterious new threat. ...

Report Unmasks Indiscriminate Killer Of Elephants: Poaching Not For Ivory, But For Skin

Archived, 40 days ago From  

MYANMAR - Growing Chinese demand for products made from elephant skin is a rapidly growing threat to the species? survival in neighboring Myanmar, a new report warns. ...

Wildlife Decimated By The Surge In Conflicts In The Sahara And The Sahel

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The surge in armed conflicts across the Sahara Desert and the band of dry savanna to its south called the Sahel is devastating the region?s wildlife, according to recent findings published in the journal Conservation Letters. ...

Scientists Find Ground Zero Of Deadly Frog Pandemic

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Scientists started to get worried in the 1970s when frogs in Australia and Central and South America began disappearing. The culprit seemed to be a chytrid fungus that colonized frogs? skin and impaired their ability to absorb water and electrolytes. ...

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