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Habitat Of Endangered Malayan Tigers Vanishing

Archived, 44 days ago From  

MALAYSIA - The Hulu Sempam area which has been cleared for durian plantation is vital to the survival of the Malayan tiger, which is now considered critically endangered. ...

Tsetse Fly Numbers Dwindle In The Warming Zambezi Valley

Archived, 44 days ago From  

SOUTH AFRICA - Rising temperatures seem to have made a southern African park less hospitable to the tsetse fly (Glossina spp.), the carrier of a dangerous disease-causing microorganism, new research shows. ...

Poacher Confesses Of Killing Tigress, Say Police

Archived, 45 days ago From  

INDIA - Almost seven months after a tigress reportedly went missing from the Sariska Tiger Reserve (STR), Rajasthan Police has claimed that a reported poacher has confessed that he killed a tigress at the reserve this February. ...

Govt Burns Items Seized From Poachers, Wildlife Traders

Archived, 45 days ago From  

MYANMAR - Confiscated illegal wildlife products, including elephant ivory worth US$1.3 million (K1.3 billion), were destroyed in Nay Pyi Taw on Thursday to serve as a warning to poachers that the government is determined to end the illicit trade. ...

Myanmar Torches 1.3m Dollar Of Illegal Wildlife Parts

Archived, 45 days ago From  

MYANMAR - Elephant skins, clouded leopard remains and tiger bones were among a $1.3 million haul of illegal wildlife incinerated Thursday in Myanmar's first ever public event of its kind against the illicit trade. ...

State Wildlife Experts Raise Awareness Of Deer Disease

Archived, 45 days ago From  

As deer hunting season ramps up in Oklahoma, wildlife experts are raising awareness about an always fatal neurological disease that affects deer and elk. ...

Wildlife Alliance Says Zoo's Training Is Cruel

Archived, 45 days ago From  

CAMBODIA - A wildlife conservation organisation has called animal training methods at Phnom Penh?s largest zoo cruel. ...

Wandering Hippos, Condor Central, And The Macaw Trade

Archived, 47 days ago From  

ECUADOR - No matter how high or how far Ecuador's condors soar, they always return home to a semi-desert, lowland ecosystem around the Leon River. A Wildlife Conservation Study warns that if changes to the condors' habitat happen twice as fast as now, they wil ...

Half Of Dead Baby Turtles Found By Australian Scientists Have Stomachs Full Of Plastic

Archived, 47 days ago From  

AUSTRALIA - Study suggests younger reptiles are particularly vulnerable to pollution. ...

Citizen Ape: The Fight For Personhood For Humans' Closest Relatives

Archived, 47 days ago From  

Cecilia spent more than 30 years locked up without a trial. After the death of her companions, she spent her days and nights alone in a small cage with bare concrete walls and floor, unsheltered from the harsh weather of the Andes mountains. ...

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