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Wild Elephant Killed

Archived, 34 days ago From  

MYANMAR - A wild elephant was shot dead by a hunter in Bago Region on Monday evening, according to the Forest Department. ...

Illegal Wildlife Parts Trade Thrives In Kachins Puta-o

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MYANMAR - Despite intensified nationwide efforts to curb illegal wildlife trade, Putao a remote town in conflict-torn Kachin State that borders China is a hotbed of the illicit activity, according to sources who saw first-hand the body parts of endangered anim ...

Oil Palm Plantations Dearth Of Biodiversity Rubs Off On Nearby Forests, Study Shows

Archived, 34 days ago From  

MALAYSIA - Frogs can survive in oil palm plantations, but at the cost of diversity of species and the impact can radiate out deep into neighboring forest ecosystems, according to a new study. ...

Human-Tiger Conflicts Are On The Rise In Sumatra. The Reason: Habitat Loss

Archived, 35 days ago From  

INDONESIA - Three construction workers were at work on a building site in the Indragiri Hilir district of the Sumatran province of Riau when they noticed a tiger lurking around. They decided to wait for the animal to leave, but when they thought it was safe to l ...

Conservation Official Arrested For killing 11 Endangered Lemurs

Archived, 35 days ago From  

MADAGASCAR - Two weeks ago, the bodies of 11 critically endangered lemurs were discovered in Iaroka forest inside the Zahamena Ankeniheny Corridor protected area in eastern Madagascar. The lemurs were allegedly killed by one of the local officials charged with pr ...

The Turtle Extinction Crisis

Archived, 37 days ago From  

Nearly half of all freshwater turtles and tortoises are at risk of disappearing forever, a new report warns. ...

Activists Eye Bigger Roles For Local Officials, Businesses In Indonesias Orangutan Protection Plan

Archived, 37 days ago From  

INDONESIA - Activists in Indonesia are calling for a set of federal guidelines on orangutan conservation that will compel local authorities and companies to take a more active role in protecting the critically endangered great ape. ...

Bushmeat Hunting Threatens Hornbills And Raptors In Cameroons Forests, Study Finds

Archived, 37 days ago From  

CAMEROON - Hornbills, vultures and eagles are being hunted for bushmeat in Cameroon in much greater numbers than previously thought, a new study has found. ...

Indonesia Races To Catch Tiger Alive As Villagers Threaten To ?Kill The Beast?

Archived, 37 days ago From  

INDONESIA - A wildlife conservation agency in Indonesia has deployed two special teams to capture alive a tiger blamed for killing two people this year, amid mounting calls for the animal to be killed. ...

Legal Eastern Markets Are Gutting Africas Wildlife Traffic

Archived, 38 days ago From  

Quite apart from the decimation of illegal poaching, legal export to Asian markets is tearing the wild heart out of Africa. Each year thousands of tonnes of live animals, bones, skins and meat head East in a plunder with no end in sight. ...

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