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Marine Turtles Dying After Becoming Entangled In Plastic Rubbish

Archived, 27 days ago From Marine Conservation 

Hundreds of marine turtles die every year after becoming entangled in rubbish in the oceans and on beaches, including plastic 'six pack' holders and disgarded fishing gear. ...

UV Light Could Help Stop the Bat-Killing White Nose Syndrome

Archived, 27 days ago From Smithsonian Magazine 

Research shows the fungus is susceptible to UV light. The problem is getting bats into the tanning beds. ...

Climate Change Is Turning Green Sea Turtles Female Thats A Problem

Archived, 28 days ago From  

Of all the potential consequences of climate change rising sea levels, desertification, floods heres one that may not be on your radar: climate change is producing an abundance of female turtles. As Helen Davidson at The Guardian reports, according t ...

Heatwave Kills Hundreds Of Flying Fox Pups In Australia

Archived, 28 days ago From  

Its been so cold in the United States its hard to imagine it could be warm anywhere right now. But down in southern Australia, a heatwave has swept through the region, with the area around Sydney reaching 117 degrees over the weekend. Its so hot that ...

Australian Birds

Archived, 28 days ago From  

A new study suggests that certain species of birds in Australia have figured out a way to spread fires in order to terrify and eventually eat their prey. This terrifying strategy has been observed by aboriginal people for hundreds of years, but only ...

Giant Rays Are Being Caught In Shark Nets And Left To Die

Archived, 28 days ago From  

The eagle ray was going to die if help didnt come soon. He had gotten snarled in a submerged net off the coast of Sharpes Beach in Ballina, Australia, and was struggling to break free. ...

Its So Hot In Australia, Animals Are Dropping From Trees

Archived, 28 days ago From National Geographic 

Thousands could die from the summer heat, wildlife conservation groups predict. ...

More Prime Sage Grouse Habitat Is Open For Drilling

Archived, 28 days ago From Center for Bio Div 

The Trump administration has been making it easier for oil and gas companies to drill wells in prime habitat for greater sage grouse. At the end of the year, the Bureau of Land Management officially rewrote important guidance for field staff in charg ...

For The Wolverine, Snow Means Survival

Archived, 28 days ago From Earth Touch 

Watch a mule deer punching through a deep, sharp-crusted snowpack, or gnawing a barren shrub in a whiteout, and it's hard not to think: well, she looks miserable. ...

Habitat On The Edges Making Room for Wildlife In An Urbanized World

Archived, 29 days ago From Nature Conservancy 

One morning not long ago, in the southern Indian state of Karnataka, I traveled with a Wildlife Conservation Society biologist on a switchback route up and over the high ridge of the Western Ghats. Our itinerary loosely followed the corridor connecti ...

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Climate change will bring more and more heat waves

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From Maine to Florida, people along the East Coast strongly oppose offshore oil and gas drilling in the Atlantic Ocean -- yet ...

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