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Wolf population passes milestone; DeFazio revives plan to ban poison trap

Archived, 12 days ago From oregonlive.com 

Portland, OREGON - Gray wolves continue to expand in territory and numbers in Eastern Oregon, setting the stage for potentially greater conflict with ranchers and livestock owners as the state updates its master plan for managing the still vulnerable animals.

PETA urges cancellation of The Great Bear Show at Sportsmen's Show

Archived, 12 days ago From ksfy.com 

Sioux Falls, SOUTH DAKOTA - The animal rights group sent a letter to the Sioux Falls Arena at the beginning of March urging them to cancel The Great Bear Show because of alleged mistreatment of the animals. But the owner of the Sportsmen's Show says those claims are false.

Reducing Asia’s hunger for rhino horn

Archived, 13 days ago From mongabay.com 

Menlo Park, CALIFORNIA - More than 1,350 rhinoceroses were killed for their horns in 2015 alone. The majority of these killings took place in Africa, where 1,342 were killed. Asia, too, saw 24 of its greater one-horned rhinos succumb to poaching that year, all in India.

Breakthrough offers hope for Tasmanian devil cancer cure

Archived, 13 days ago From bbc.com 

London, U K - The infectious facial cancer has wiped out 80% of wild devils since it was first identified in 1996.

By injecting live cancer cells, researchers have used immunotherapy for the first time to successfully treat the disease.

Fossey Fund increases efforts to protect Grauer’s gorillas in Congo

Archived, 13 days ago From gorillafund.org 

Atlanta, GEORGIA - With the participation of Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund scientists and data, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) recently updated the Red List status of Grauer’s gorillas from “endangered” to “Critically Endangered.” Facing a dec ...

HSI calls on zoos to step-up security for vulnerable species following rhino poaching in Paris

Archived, 13 days ago From hsi.org 

Washington, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA - Following the brutal killing of a four-year-old male southern white rhinoceros named Vince in a zoo near Paris, Humane Society International is calling on the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria to urgently review and improve security protection ...

Arrests 'big step' in chimp trade battle

Archived, 13 days ago From bbc.com 

London, U K - Last weekend one of the most prolific animal dealers in West Africa was found and detained in Guinea. Prior to the arrest, he had been on the run for four years.

This followed the arrest last month of the dealer's father who was regard ...

Icelandic whaler cancels this summer’s endangered fin whale hunt

Archived, 13 days ago From ifaw.org 

Yarmouth Port, MASSACHUSETTS - Encouraging news has reached us overnight from Iceland that the country’s lone fin whaler and fisheries magnate, Kristján Loftsson, has declared he will not resume the hunt for endangered fin whales this summer.

According to Icelandic ...

Rhino killed in Paris zoo reveals urgency of legislation to end U.S.’ role in wildlife trafficking and remove financial incentive to kill rhinos

Archived, 14 days ago From humanesociety.org 

Washington, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA - The killing of a white rhinoceros named Vince in a zoo near Paris underscores the deplorable state of the global rhino poaching crisis. In an effort to cut off the demand for rhino horn, which drives poachers to kill rhinoceros at an alarming rate, l ...

Elephant poaching is losing Africa millions of tourist dollars

Archived, 14 days ago From dw.com 

Bonn, GERMANY - The ivory trade is one of the main reasons why the elephant population is in decline. Around 20,000 are killed by poachers in Africa every year.

Animal rights groups and environmental campaigners have been working for years to find way ...

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