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Black Spotted Turtles No Match For Fast And Furious Illegal Trade

Archived, 27 days ago From  

MALAYSIA - Asia?s illegal trade in the Black Spotted Turtle is spiralling out of control. A new TRAFFIC study shows over 10,000 individuals have been seized in two years, eclipsing numbers recorded in a previous six-year study. ...

Whale Sharks Threatened With Extinction

Archived, 28 days ago From  

THAILAND - By catching while fishing poses critical threat to survival of the species. ...

The Invasive Rose ringed Parakeet A Threat from Hawai?i to Spain

Archived, 29 days ago From  

The island of Kauai and a park in Seville, Spain are facing similar concerns over one invasive bird ? the Rose-ringed Parakeet. ...

Two Men Charged After Bust Over Illegal Wildlife Products

Archived, 29 days ago From  

CAMBODIA - At least two men were sent to Phnom Penh Municipal Court on Sunday for smuggling illegal wildlife products, which were found during a joint-force raid on two houses in Phnom Penhs Sen Sok district on Thursday. ...

White Furred Creatures At Risk Of Dying Out Thanks To Global Warming

Archived, 29 days ago From  

Arctic foxes, ermines, snowshoe hares, what do they all have in common? A lustrous, bright white winter coat. Sadly, their sharp winter suits could be putting them in the firing line when it comes to being affected by climate change, as a recent stud ...

Disrupting Wildlife Cybercrime In Europe And Russia New Report Uncovers The Scale Of Online Wildlife Trade

Archived, 29 days ago From  

RUSSIA - You could be forgiven for thinking that wildlife crime is something that only affects animals and people in Africa and Asia, but the reality is that it is a global problem. The internet provides customers and wildlife traffickers access to a vast mar ...

Hunters Are Wiping Out Hornbills In Ghanas Forests

Archived, 29 days ago From  

GHANA - Hunting for meat consumption and the bushmeat trade is threatening several species of hornbills in Ghana, in some cases leading to their complete disappearance, according to a recent study. ...

2 Kg Of Wild Boar Meat Seized, 2 Poachers Held

Archived, 30 days ago From  

INDIA - Forest officials arrested at least two hunters and seized over 2 kg of wild boar meat from their possession after conducting a raid in Maidalpur section under Dabugaon Forest Range in the district last night. ...

Tiny Marsupials That Practice Suicidal Mating Declared Endangered

Archived, 32 days ago From  

AUSTRALIA - The antechinus is a strange little mouse-like creature that endures two to three weeks of marathon mating sessions that leave the male so exhausted that it ultimately dies. ...

Online Network Seeks To Boost International Collaboration Against Wildlife Trafficking In Central Africa

Archived, 32 days ago From  

CONGO - Five countries that are home to some of the most iconic and threatened animal species in the world have joined forces in a high-tech collaboration to improve wildlife law enforcement. ...

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