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Arctic Wild Goose Chase Threatens Chicks As Temperatures rise

Archived, 31 days ago From  

Rising temperatures in the Arctic are encouraging Barnacle geese to speed up their migration journeys north every spring, says a new study. ...

Legal EU Ivory Sales Condemn Elephants

Archived, 31 days ago From  

U K - The open, legal sale of antique ivory in many European countries is covering up a trade in illegal and recently poached ivory, campaigners say. ...

Seven Tonnes Of Scales Rrom Endangered Pangolin Seized From Cargo Shipment In Hong Kong Bound For Mainland China

Archived, 31 days ago From  

CHINA - Shipping container, en route from Nigeria to mainland China, was only supposed to contain plastic raw materials. ...

Pig Population Boom Around Threatened Kauri Forest

Archived, 34 days ago From  

NEW ZEALAND - A wild pig population boom is worrying the Maori guardians of Northlands Waipoua forest home of Tane Mahuta and other giant kauri. ...

Calls For Stronger Dog Control Bylaws After Kiwi Killed

Archived, 34 days ago From  

NEW ZEALAND - The killing of a kiwi by a dog shows the need for tougher dog control bylaws, a Bay of Islands environmental group says. ...

Australian Reptiles Threatened By Invasive Species And Climate Change IUCN Red List

Archived, 34 days ago From  

AUSTRALIA - Australia's unique reptiles including lizards and snakes are under severe threat from invasive species and climate change, and 7% are even threatened with extinction, according to the latest update of the IUCN Red List of Threatened SpeciesTM, publis ...

Pushing Vietnams Shrimp Industry Toward Sustainability

Archived, 34 days ago From  

VIETNAM - Shrimp farmer Nguyen Manh Hung lost his entire farm to erosion in 2016 after a series of ravaging droughts and floods. He and his family had relied on their land for over 27 years, and with three children to feed, the loss came as a tremendous blow. ...

Australias Reptiles Are At Risk Of Extinction

Archived, 35 days ago From  

AUSTRALIA - Australian snake and lizard populations are declining according to a recent update to the IUCN Red List. ...

Hawaiian Forest Birds Are In Trouble

Archived, 35 days ago From  

Hawaiis native bird populations are struggling, with almost two-thirds of Hawaiian forest birds listed as Endangered or Threatened. ...

Angry Mob Slaughters 300 Crocodiles After Indonesian Man Eaten

Archived, 35 days ago From  

INDONESIA - A mob has slaughtered almost 300 crocodiles in Indonesia in act of revenge after a man was killed by one of the reptiles. ...

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