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Cause Of Death Of Fin Whale On Cape Breton Beach Still Unknown

Archived, 31 days ago From  

CANADA - The large whale carcass that washed up on a beach near St. Esprit in Richmond County has been identified as a fin whale by the Marine Animal Response Society. ...

21 Dolphins Die After Dozens Wash Ashore On Coast Of Baja California Sur In Mexico

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MEXICO - Workers attended to the dolphins and saved 33 of them, but 21 died. ...

Two Tigers Die In As Many Days In Rajasthans Ranthambore, Sariska

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INDIA - While the Ranthambore tiger appeared to have died due to old age ailments, the other was found dead in a field in Sariska, where a farmer had put up snares to ward off nilgai. ...

Big Cats Predators Under Threat

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Big cats may never have been in more danger, and they need help. World Wildlife Day sharpens global focus on not only the threats that face these iconic predators, but also celebrates and encourages support from the public in helping ensure they surv ...

Poachers Can Run, But They Cant Hide From Technology

Archived, 32 days ago From  

KENYA - They come at night. In the pitch-black darkness, poachers traverse the long Tanzanian border into Kenya and its protected parks and conservancies. They?re hoping to bring back lion, pangolin, or rhino and sell the valuable parts. ...

A Gang Of Ivory Poachers Is Nabbed In Gerik

Archived, 32 days ago From  

MALAYSIA - Operation Gading in Gerik took three days and required 40 officers, but success did beckon at the end of it. Under arrest are four professional hunters who may have killed as many as 20 wild elephants for their tusks in Malaysia over the past decade. ...

The Lovably Weird Creature Facing Extinction

Archived, 32 days ago From  

INDONESIA - In Rudyard Kipling?s classic story of how the rhino got his skin, the titular character is an unmannered lout. This is how the public imagines rhinos: aggressive, dumb and grumpy charge first, ask questions never. But in 2010 when I met my first Suma ...

Whales And Fishermen Caught In Turf War Over Californias Coast

Archived, 33 days ago From  

As rising ocean temperatures move their food supplies closer to shore, a staggering number of migrating whales have been forced into the path of California?s crab fishing fleet ? and the confrontations have increased dramatically over the last five y ...

The Worlds Last Male Northern White Rhino Has Died

Archived, 33 days ago From  

KENYA - The fate of the northern white rhinoceros now hangs by an extremely thin thread. ...

The Elephant Killer Of Idandre

Archived, 33 days ago From  

NIGERIA - In a devastating blow to conservation of wildlife in Nigeria, an ignorant hunter last week shot and killed an elephant at Janiyi Camp, Idanre, Ondo State after which he took photographs with the animal?s remains as proof of his crime. While the rest ...

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