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Most UK Bat Species Recovering Or Stable

Archived, 22 days ago From BBC Earth 

The UK's bats are holding their own, according to the most recent national survey. ...

Wildlife Burned In California Fires Get Fish Skin Bandages

Archived, 23 days ago From Smithsonian Magazine 

After roaring to life in December 2017, the Thomas Fire incinerated nearly 282,000 acres in southern California and destroyed thousands of structures. But as Elaina Zachos reports for National Geographic, humans weren?t the only ones who suffered.

Why 52 Baboons Escaped From A Paris Zoo Enclosure

Archived, 23 days ago From National Geographic 

Most of the baboons have been recaptured, but the escape is a reminder of just how cunning these monkeys are. ...

Extinct Woolly Rhino 'Sasha' Reconstructed In Russia's Siberia

Archived, 25 days ago From National Geographic 

It's named Sasha after the hunter who found it.

Russian scientists aren't quite sure if their 10,000-year-old Sasha was male or female, but the name, they say, universally applies. ...

8-Year-Old Boy Films Wild Pigs Doing Something Incredible

Archived, 25 days ago From The Dodo 

Just before his 9th birthday, a fourth grader living in Arizona discovered a wild pig behavior that scientists had never seen before and it?s changing the way people think about the emotional lives of animals. ...

Endangered Blind Fish Found In Otherworldly Cave

Archived, 26 days ago From National Geographic 

Facing pollution and overfishing, this little fish found refuge in China's pristine network of caves. ...

Ghost Cat Gone: Eastern Cougar Officially Declared Extinct The Revelator

Archived, 26 days ago From Center for Biological Diversity 

Say good-bye to the ghost cat. This week the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service officially declared the eastern cougar (Puma concolor couguar) to be extinct and removed it from the endangered species list. ...

Great White Shark Washed Ashore In Aurora Town

Archived, 26 days ago From MWWPhilippines 

The Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (MDRRMC) has alerted barangay officials of this coastal town to take precautionary measures following the discovery of a great white shark washed ashore in Barangay Lob-bot, Wednesday. ...

Protecting Piping Plovers

Archived, 26 days ago From Marine Conservation 

Visitors to Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore are often treated to tiny scurrying beachcombers - piping plovers. Future visitors, however, could see fewer of these celebrated shorebirds. ...

Conservation Groups Boost Reward to 16,750 Dollar for Oregon Wolf-killer Amid Poaching Surge

Archived, 27 days ago From Center for Bio Div 

Conservation organizations are bolstering a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services reward for information on the illegal killing of OR-25, a federally protected gray wolf in southwestern Oregon. The Service has offered a $5,000 reward, and six conservation ...

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