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How dogs could detect bowel cancer: Trial could speed up diagnosis of deadly disease

Archived, 9 days ago From express.co.uk 

London, U K - Medical Detection Dogs has been given the green to begin the first colorectal cancer trial in the UK using dogs’ ability to smell.

The charity is working in partnership with Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust to collect and te ...

Freedom for the orangutan who had 'given up on life': Ape is released from tiny crate where it was chained up with just a scrap of cloth it used as a comfort blanket

Archived, 9 days ago From dailymail.co.uk 

London, U K - An orangutan in Borneo has been released from her tiny cage after being chained up inside for more than a month.

The ape, called Amy, was found chained by her neck in the cage and was so cramped in the boarded up crate that her limbs ...

Thai customs sizes 21 rhino horns worth $5 million

Archived, 9 days ago From startribune.com 

Minneapolis, MINNESOTA - Thai authorities say they have seized 21 rhinoceros horns smuggled from Ethiopia worth almost $5 million.

The bags carrying the horns were discovered Friday in a random customs search at Bangkok's main airport. The bags' owners fled as ...

Stray dogs from Wahpeton get new lease on life

Archived, 9 days ago From paherald.sk.ca 

Prince Albert, CANADA - Every spring, the stray dogs around Wahpeton Dakota Nation start to run in packs.

To housing manager Allen Laurin, the dogs are a menace. They’ve been known to attack kids in the community.

Usually, he said, the reserve ...

Last call for vaquita, the world’s smallest porpoise

Archived, 10 days ago From military-technologies.net 

Warsaw, POLAND - Last week, the International Committee for the Recovery of the Vaquita (CIRVA) announced that only about 30 vaquitas are estimated to survive, compared to 60 individuals last year.

The world’s smallest porpoise, the vaquita, is endemic ...

Twenty-three countries unite in Abu Dhabi to conserve the dugong

Archived, 10 days ago From thenational.ae 

Abu Dhabi, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES - Delegates from 23 of the 40 countries that the dugong calls home have gathered in the capital to find better ways to protect the illusive sea animal.

The two-day meeting kicked off a week-long series of events in Abu Dhabi to focus glo ...

Saving the world’s raptors starts in Boise with Peregrine Fund

Archived, 10 days ago From idahostatesman.com 

Boise, IDAHO - A mounted Mongolian hunter with his golden eagle stares out at onlookers from an arresting photo on a wall at The Archives of Falconry at The Peregrine Fund’s World Center for Birds of Prey in Boise. He is a Kazakh of western Mongolia, one of a hands ...

Scientist on mission to save endangered antelope in Kenya

Archived, 10 days ago From standardmedia.co.ke 

Nairobi, KENYA - You may not know that Kenya is home to the hirola, the world’s most endangered antelope found nowhere else on earth today, having been virtually cleared in neighbouring Somalia where incessant conflicts exposed them to extreme danger.


Malaysian officials rescue scores of animals from the exotic pet trade

Archived, 10 days ago From cleanmalaysia.com 

Roubaix, FRANCE - Another five are down. Wildlife traffickers, that is. In five separate clampdowns on wildlife trafficking in later February, Malaysian authorities seized large numbers of endangered animals from wildlife traders, all of whom will be facing charges un ...

In big win for big cats, China approves national park larger than Yellowstone

Archived, 12 days ago From huffingtonpost.com 

New York, NEW YORK - In yet another example of a “green revolution” in the country, Chinese officials have approved plans to establish a sprawling national park in the northeastern corner of the country. It will be a sanctuary for two cats endemic to the area that have d ...

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Vaquitas -- the world's smallest and most endangered porpoises -- live only in Mexico's northern Gulf of California. After su ...

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