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Trumps Elephant, Lion Trophy Hunting Policy Hit With Double Lawsuits

Archived, 25 days ago From  

Just weeks after the Trump administration announced a new policy allowing the importation of dead African elephant and lion parts by U.S. trophy hunters, a group of environmental and wildlife conservation NGOs has filed a lawsuit alleging the move go ...

Small Section Of Controversial Refinery Wall In Indian Elephant Corridor Demolished

Archived, 25 days ago From  

INDIA - Environmental activists in India have expressed dismay at the partial demolition of a wall built by an oil refinery that they hoped would be completely pulled down. The wall, they contend, blocks an important elephant corridor out of a national park. ...

A New Weapon For Southern African Countries To Help Bring Poachers To Book

Archived, 26 days ago From  

MALAWI - Wildlife officials in Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe are set to receive specialist training for carrying out wildlife forensic investigations thanks to generous support from players of People?s Postcode Lottery in the United Kingdom. ...

Jakartas Flourishing Trade In Threatened Turtles And Tortoises Under The Spotlight Again

Archived, 26 days ago From  

INDONESIA - They are shy creatures, but for the thousands of threatened tortoises and freshwater turtles found on sale in Jakarta?s shops and markets, there?s no shelter from the glare of the illegal trade spotlight, finds a new TRAFFIC report. ...

More Than 140 Whales Are Dead After Mass Stranding in Australia

Archived, 27 days ago From  

AUSTRALIA - Rescuers in Australia?s Hamelin Bay are struggling to save six short-finned pilot whales out of an estimated 150 who beached themselves on the rocky shore earlier today. ...

Female Tiger Found Dead In CNP

Archived, 29 days ago From  

NEPAL - A female tiger was found dead in Sauraha of Chitwan National Park (CNP) on Saturday morning. ...

Murdering Orangutans In Indonesia

Archived, 29 days ago From  

INDONESIA - A male orangutan was found dead by villagers in East Kutai district in Indonesian Borneo. His body had been riddled with air gun pellets, some 130 shots in all. The ape had also been attacked with a machete. ?We found pellets all over its body. Ther ...

Save The Krill Urges Greenpeace Report

Archived, 29 days ago From  

U K - In Antarctica, it?s usually the whales, seals and penguins that take the spotlight, but a new report focuses on an animal further down the food chain: the Antarctic krill (Euphausia superba). ...

Jaguars And Well-Managed Logging Concessions Can Coexist, Say Conservationists

Archived, 30 days ago From  

Conservationists from San Diego Zoo Global and Bronx Zoo-based WCS examined impacts of logging concessions in Guatemala & Peru on jaguars and other wildlife ...

New Report Highlights Top 50 Tortoises And turtles On Brink Of Extinction

Archived, 30 days ago From  

ECUADOR - When Lonesome George died in June 2012, it was the end of an entire species. He was the last surviving Pinta giant tortoise (Chelonoidis abingdonii), a Galapagos conservation icon who had lived for more than 100 years. But Lonesome George was not alo ...

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