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Japan Whalers Return From Antarctic Hunt After Killing 333 Whales

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JAPAN - Japanese whaling vessels returned to port on Saturday (Mar 31) after catching more than 300 of the mammals in the Antarctic Ocean without facing any protests by anti-whaling groups, officials said. ...

Spying On Whales To Save Them

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One foggy morning last April, a dead humpback whale washed up on New York?s Rockaway Beach. It was a young male, thirty-one feet long, and had extensive bruising?the result of contact with ?something very large,? according to Kimberly Durham, of the ...

Alarmed Conservationists Call For Urgent Action To Fix Americas Wildlife Crisis

Archived, 20 days ago From  

One-third of species are vulnerable to extinction, a crisis ravaging swaths of creatures, conservationists say in call to fund recovery plans. ...

At least 150 Wild Animal Species Are Being Trafficked In Malaysia

Archived, 20 days ago From  

MALAYSIA - Last year officials of the Wildlife and National Parks Department (Perhilitan) rescued creatures belonging to 150 species. You?ve read that right: In 2017 wildlife officials handled nearly 3,000 cases of wildlife trafficking in which animals from a ...

The Future Of Illegal Wildlife Trade

Archived, 20 days ago From  

The Illegal Wildlife Trade (IWT) is a major and growing global threat to biodiversity, affecting both plants and animals. It is one of the highest valued illicit trade sectors and poses threats to public health and security, making it one of the grea ...

Nene Numbers Growing, Prompting New Status As A Threatened Species

Archived, 22 days ago From  

Due to a growing population, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service today proposed downlisting the status of the nene from endangered to threatened under the Endangered Species Act. ...

Wild Bearded Pigs Are Taking Advantage Of Oil Palm Plantations In Sabah

Archived, 22 days ago From  

MALAYSIA - The endless stretches of palm oil plantations may please the eye of cultivators but they have been ecological disasters in Sabah. Across much of Malaysia plantations have replaced once thriving thick forests with monotonous ranks of cultivated palms ...

Too Many Unnatural Deaths: The Girs Asiatic Lion Needs A 2nd Home

Archived, 22 days ago From  

INDIA - The majestic Asiatic Lion (Panthera Leo Persica) calls Gujarat its home, and according to a 2015 census, around 523 big cats live in the protected areas of the Gir forest. However, the state government recently admitted in the Gujarat Assembly that a ...

Frogs May Be Fighting Back Against Deadly Pandemic

Archived, 22 days ago From  

A deadly disease that has ripped through frog populations around the world, contributing to huge declines in many species and the outright extinction of several others, has shown little sign of slowing its onslaught since scientists first detected it ...

Some States Now Advocate Coexistence With Rather Than Killing Of Coyotes

Archived, 25 days ago From  

In an opinion piece for the Cape Cod Times earlier this month, Carl Safina and I wrote about coexisting with coyotes as millions of people in fact do. We juxtaposed a Cape Cod coyote-killing contest against a San Francisco newspaper deliveryman who e ...

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