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Kissable Sharks And Spectacled Bears

Archived, 17 days ago From  

PERU - The most popular stories from our Spanish-language service, Mongabay Latam, followed a new green-eyed shark species in Belize, salmon farms in Patagonia, blast fishing in Peru, a cocaine-laden plane in a Peruvian park, and an Andean bear mystery, als ...

Location, Location, Location: How To Reduce Bird Collisions

Archived, 17 days ago From  

Wind energy has an incredibly green image. Yet placed in the wrong locations, wind turbines can harm birds and bats. The solution: strong science and technology that helps to avoid this unnecessary damage ...

Hunting, Agriculture Driving Rapid Decline Of Jaguars In South America's Gran Chaco

Archived, 17 days ago From  

New research finds that one-third of critical jaguar habitat in the Gran Chaco, South America's largest tropical dry forest, has been lost since the mid-1980s. ...

"Botswana Elephant Massacre" Story Now Proven False

Archived, 18 days ago From  

An investigation by Botswana authorities has established conclusively that the widely circulated report of a "poaching massacre" of 87 elephants is false. ...

Young Right Whale Dies, Likely From Entanglement In Fishing Gear

Archived, 18 days ago From  

Entanglement in fishing gear has claimed the life of a second North Atlantic right whale (Eubalaena glacialis) in 2018, according to reports from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). ...

Frogs Coping With Fatal Fungus In Panamanian Forest, Study Finds

Archived, 18 days ago From  

PANAMA - Frogs in a tropical forest in Panama are doing better than scientists believed after a devastating fungus slashed population numbers and wiped out entire species about a decade ago. ...

Plastic Cigarette Wrapper Found Inside A Jellyfish

Archived, 20 days ago From  

The still legible label is a reminder that plastics are everywhere. ...

Largely Banned Industrial Chemicals Could Wipe Out Killer Whales, Study Warns

Archived, 21 days ago From  

A few decades ago, most countries phased out the manufacture and use of a highly toxic group of industrial chemicals called polychlorinated biphenyls, or PCBs. But the dangers of these largely banned pollutants still linger on. New research shows tha ...

Good Governance For Migratory Species

Archived, 24 days ago From  

In their Policy Forum "Preparing ocean governance for species on the move" (15 June, p. 1189), M. L. Pinsky et al. discuss the need to cooperatively govern fisheries affected by climate change. This idea is not new to Pacific Island states, which sup ...

Iceland: Fin Whaling Ended For This Season

Archived, 24 days ago From  

U K - Kristjan Loftsson, CEO of Hvalur hf, the only company involved in Icelandic fin whaling, announced the end of this year?s hunting season on September 25. Loftsson has harpooned 146 fin whales since the season commenced in June. ...

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