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Parks And Wildlife Offers Reward For Information In Illegal Killing Of Elk

Archived, 4 days ago From  

Colorado Parks and Wildlife is seeking information about two bull elk killed illegally in western Colorado early last month. ...

Bitterns, Curlews And Lapwings At Risk As Vital Wildlife Funds Dry Up

Archived, 4 days ago From  

U K - Bird experts call on ministers to plug gap left by EU grants worth millions of pounds. ...

Malaysia Torches 2.8 Tonnes Of African Pangolin Scales

Archived, 4 days ago From  

MALAYSIA - Malaysia on Thursday torched nearly three tonnes of seized scales of endangered pangolins worth 9 million dollars in a bid to deter illegal wildlife trafficking from Africa. ...

The Age Of Extinction Canada 'We're Sounding The Alarm': Half Of Canada's Chinook Salmon Endangered

Archived, 4 days ago From  

CANADA - Prospects for species look dire as federal science body finds that only one of the country?s 16 populations is believed to be stable. ...

Graphic Video Reveals Brutality Of Pangolin Poaching In Northeast India

Archived, 4 days ago From  

INDIA - Hunters in India are helping supply the illegal pangolin trade, and new research that probes their motivations might point to measures that can reduce the poaching and sale of the species known as ?the world?s most trafficked mammal.? An undercover v ...

Tiny Bits Of Ocean Plastic Threaten The Survival Of Sea Turtle Hatchlings

Archived, 7 days ago From  

Plastic pollution in the ocean is a growing threat to the survival of sea turtles, endangering the life cycle of these ancient marine globetrotters, according to a new study. ...

Singapore Proposes Total Ivory Ban,Calls For Public Feedback

Archived, 8 days ago From  

SINGAPORE - The Singapore government has proposed a complete ban on the domestic trade of elephant ivory in the country. ...

Bits Of DNA In Ocean Water Can Reveal White Sharks Swimming Nearby

Archived, 8 days ago From  

Sharks shed bits of themselves into the ocean constantly. Scientists can now use DNA in these bits to monitor whether white sharks commonly called great whites are swimming nearby. This tool could inform decisions about which shark habitats to conser ...

In The Belly Of The Beast: Journalist Delves Into Wildlife Trafficking

Archived, 8 days ago From  

Journalist Rachel Nuwer was sitting in a Vietnamese restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City when the table next to her ordered a snake a live, five-foot-long black cobra with its mouth bound by green twine. Slowly, the servers used scissors to cut into the re ...

China-Kenya Tensions Over Fish As Traders Cry Foul

Archived, 10 days ago From  

KENYA - Besides his regular job as an accountant at Kenyatta National Hospital in Kenya?s capital Nairobi, Geoffrey Ombati Osoro owns two fish distribution stores in the city, and another in the western town of Eldoret. ...

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