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Can Scotland Save Its Wildcats From Extinction?

Archived, 5 days ago From  

U K - The secretive mammals are fast disappearing from the Highlands but last-ditch efforts to save them are fraught with challenges ...

Facebook Video Shows Orangutan Defending Forest Against Bulldozer

Archived, 7 days ago From  

INDONESIA - Dramatic footage released last week by an animal welfare group shows a wild orangutan trying in vain to fight off destruction of its rainforest habitat in Borneo. ...

Primate-rich Countries Are Becoming Less Hospitable Places For Monkeys, Apes And Lemurs

Archived, 7 days ago From  

BRAZIL - Our primate cousins have managed to colonize a broad swath of the planet, taking up residence in 90 countries. Still, the majority of monkey, ape, lemur, tarsier and lorisid species live in Brazil, Indonesia, Madagascar and the Democratic Republic of ...

Scientists Find New Snail-eating Snakes, Auction Naming Rights To Save Them

Archived, 7 days ago From  

ECUADOR - Able to retreat into their hard shells, snails seem to have a pretty good defense against would-be predators. But there?s a type of snake that has evolved unique adaptations and behaviors to get around this problem: the aptly named snail-eating snake ...

Donkeys Stolen, Skinned In Africa To Feed Chinese Demand

Archived, 8 days ago From  

KENYA - Dawn was just beginning to break when Joseph Kamonjo Kariuki woke to find his donkeys missing. The villager searched the bush frantically for the animals he depends on to deliver water for a living, but they were nowhere to be found. ...

Habitat Loss A Bigger Threat To Wildlife Than Climate Change

Archived, 9 days ago From  

CANADA - Canada has been losing and saving species for a long time. Today, World Environment Day, is a good time to take stock. ...

Hunting, Fishing Causing Dramatic Decline In Amazon River Dolphins

Archived, 9 days ago From  

BRAZIL - Populations of two species of river dolphin in the Amazon are halving every decade, according to the results of a twenty-two year survey. ...

Shark Fisheries Hunting Dolphins, Other Marine Mammals As Bait: Study

Archived, 9 days ago From  

Shark-fishing outfits have for decades been catching dolphins, seals and other sea mammals to use as bait, helping drive some of those species closer to extinction, researchers have found. ...

Poachers Blamed In Second Sumatran Elephant Death This Year

Archived, 10 days ago From  

INDONESIA - Authorities in Indonesia have blamed poachers for the death of an elephant found with one of its tusks hacked off, in one of the world?s most biodiverse and threatened habitats. ...

Study Warns Of Alarming Decline In Australian Fish

Archived, 10 days ago From  

AUSTRALIA - Conservation experts warned Wednesday of alarming falls in Australian fish populations and called for more marine reserves and better management to halt the decline. ...

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