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Investigation Reveals Illegal Trade Cartels Decimating Vaquita Porpoises

Archived, 42 days ago From  

MEXICO - A new investigation sheds light on an illegal trade that endangers the world?s smallest and most endangered cetacean species, the vaquita porpoise (Phocoena sinus). The report released July 7 by the wildlife crime investigation organization Elephant ...

Tiger, Clouded Leopard Skins Among Illegal Wildlife Parts Seized Iin Malaysia

Archived, 42 days ago From  

MALAYSIA - Malaysian authorities have seized wildlife parts worth 500,000 ringgit ($124,000) and arrested six Vietnamese nationals during a raid in Kuala Lipis, a town located near Taman Negara, the country's oldest national park. ...

Wildlife Department In A Fix To Act Against Illegal Catch

Archived, 43 days ago From  

INDIA - Wild life department was in fix to act against a recent catch where few birds and an animal were recovered from a vehicle. Department has failed to work out the the number of birds and animals and their varieties so far while the catch was made on Th ...

Its Not Enough

Archived, 43 days ago From  

NEPAL - Nepal is bestowed with a rich diversity of wildlife and scenic landscapes. This Himalayan paradise is not only known for the Mount Everest, but it also caters accommodation to some of the world?s most elusive animals such as snow leopard to large pre ...

Pride Of Lions Eat Suspected Rhino Poachers On South African Game Reserve

Archived, 45 days ago From  

SOUTH AFRICA - A group of suspected rhino poachers may have been killed and eaten by a pride of lions after sneaking into a South African game reserve, park officials said. ...

Australias Reptiles Threatened By Invasive Species, Climate Change IUCN Red List

Archived, 45 days ago From  

AUSTRALIA - Australia?s unique reptiles including lizards and snakes face severe threats from invasive species and climate change, with 7% of them threatened with extinction, reveals the latest update of The IUCN Red List of Threatened SpeciesTM, published today ...

Orangutan Found Shot, Hacked At Palm Plantation With History Of Deaths

Archived, 45 days ago From  

INDONESIA - Authorities in Indonesia are investigating the killing of a rare orangutan whose body was found riddled with bullet and knife wounds in an oil palm plantation with a history of orangutan deaths. ...

Why dont we hear about extinction until it?s too late? (commentary)

Archived, 45 days ago From  

Everyone loves a wildlife story. Watching the latest blue-chip natural history series complete with hushed narration about nature?s grandeur or reading the latest online science about evolution or quirky behavior in our favorite wild animals ? can of ...

Two Suspected Poachers Arrested For Killing Of Sumatran Elephant

Archived, 45 days ago From  

INDONESIA - Authorities in Indonesia have arrested two of four suspects alleged to have killed a rare Sumatran elephant and hacked off one of its tusks last month. ...

Whale Strandings Off Washington-Oregon Coast Highest In Nearly 2 Decades

Archived, 46 days ago From  

Sixteen gray and humpback whales have been reported stranded off Washington and Oregon since April 3, the largest number in nearly two decades. ...

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