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Researchers want new protections for cheetahs amid race to extinction

Archived, 20 days ago From inhabitat.com 

El Segundo, CALIFORNIA - Cheetahs are racing towards extinction a lot faster than previously thought, according to the BBC. Because the magnificent cats are far-ranging, often straying outside protected areas, they face dramatic habitat loss and there are only around 7,100 l ...

Another Endangered Species Act success story for 2016: Texas' Tobusch fishhook cactus downlisted from endangered to threatened

Archived, 20 days ago From biologicaldiversity.org 

Tucson, ARIZONA - The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service proposed today to downlist the Tobusch fishhook cactus from endangered to threatened, reflecting protection and recovery of the tiny, spiny plant guided by the Endangered Species Act. Found in oak woodland savannahs ...

Poaching at all-time high, tiger numbers still rose

Archived, 21 days ago From timesofindia.indiatimes.com 

Mumbai, INDIA - Its not been a great year for wildlife. More tigers and leopards were poached in 2016 than in any year of the previous decade, pangolins were killed in the hundreds while thousands of marine animals perished due to the debiliating effect of climate c ...

Pandas taken off the endangered list

Archived, 21 days ago From itv.com 

London, U K - Pandas were taken off the endangered species list in 2016 and their status downgraded to vulnerable.

The move follows decades of work to enforce poaching bans, expand forest reserves and in particular is due to the success of breeding ...

Anti-fox hunting protesters rally against traditional Boxing Day gathering in Elham Square

Archived, 21 days ago From kentonline.co.uk 

Kent, U K - Around 100 anti-fox hunting campaigners staged a noisy protest at the traditional Boxing Day hunt which gathered in Elham Square.

The banner-waving demonstrators, some from the East Kent Hunt Saboteurs, are still angry that a prosecuti ...

Hopes for saving Scottish wildcat rest on captive breeding plan

Archived, 21 days ago From theguardian.com 

London, U K - Fewer than 100 Scottish wildcats are now believed to exist in the wild, say leading experts, with no evidence of any decent sized populations anywhere in the country.

While it had been hoped up to 300 may still survive, recent extensiv ...

Adams County SPCA rescues 27 animals found in 'deplorable' condition

Archived, 21 days ago From lancasteronline.com 

Lancaster, PENNSYLVANIA - The Adams County SPCA is treating several dogs, pigs and goats rescued from a makeshift kennel in a home in Biglerville, according to WGAL.

The SPCA investigated a tip about neglected dogs last Friday and eventually rescued a total of ...

Oil, gas companies seek permission to kill, harm imperiled bats for 50 years

Archived, 21 days ago From biologicaldiversity.org 

Tucson, ARIZONA - The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is considering an application from nine oil and gas companies that would allow them to avoid liability under the Endangered Species Act for killing and harming protected bats in Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia ...

Sea Shepherd intercepts Japanese whaling fleet deep in the Australian whale sanctuary

Archived, 22 days ago From marineinsight.com 

Whitefield, INDIA - On 22 December, at approximately 6:40pm GMT, Sea Shepherd’s patrol vessel the Ocean Warrior intercepted one of the harpoon ships of the Japanese whale-poaching fleet in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.

“The crews of the Ocean Warrio ...

Community brings joy to shelter pets at Christmas with donations

Archived, 22 days ago From 9news.com.au 

Willoughby, AUSTRALIA - Pets at an animal shelter in the US have been treated to a Christmas surprise after the local community donated hundreds of gifts for the furry friends.

The dogs and cats at the Animal Rescue League of Iowa woke up on Christmas day to ...

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