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RAF funds UN food programme for Syrian kids


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World Food Programme

DOHA, QATAR (thepeninsulaqatar.com) - The United Nation's World Food Programme (WFP) is implementing a project, financed by Sheikh Thani bin Abdullah Foundation for Humanitarian Services (RAF), at a cost of QR2m for distributing food to Syrian children suffering from malnutrition.

RAF received a report about the project from the regional office of WFP in Syria. More than 25,000 Syrian children benefitted from the project in 18 areas, most of them are hard-to-access.

RAF’s aid was included in the caravan of international humanitarian agencies moved in February and March of this year, said a release.

At least 37.8 metric tonnes of foods were distributed to beneficiary children. A child gets 30 bags, of 1.5kg each, o foods in a month.

A survey was conducted by a team to list the name of beneficiaries in a bid to provide them monthly foods.

RAF signed an agreement with WFP about providing urgent food aid to the people affected by unrest in Syria. Another agreement was also inked by two- RAF and WFP for combating starvation and enhancing food security programmes in fragile areas.

The relief projects will be implemented according to these agreements during next nine months. The agreement is about implementing programmes for distributing foods in besieged areas of Syria especially to the children who are suffering from malnutrition.

The aid will help improve the conditions of beneficiaries whose lives became miserable due to isolation and besiege.

As per the food programmes, the beneficiary children are being provided food supplementary products “PlumpyDoz and PlumpySUP” to prevent them from any malnutrition and vitamin problems.

The agreement, planned to be implemented in phases, will play big role in building long term strategic partnership between RAF and WFP for working in fragile and besieged countries.

The product PlumpyDoz was selected because it is rich nutrition, the required food supplementary for children aged up to 5. The product does not need water and it provides complete diets to the children.

The agreements will help to strengthen the operation of WFP in providing aid to the people living in tough-to-access areas in Syria.

The project is part of the efforts of RAF to upgrade its capability for responding quickly to the areas having problems due to unrest or for any other natural disasters in a bid to provide them humanitarian aid. Therefore RAF made partnerships with a number of international humanitarian organizations to serve the purpose.

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Updated 7 days ago   Article ID# 4215016

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