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Shaq & Lupe Fiasco go head-to-head in Street Fighter V for charity

By Jason Bissainthe-Tobin, gamesinners.com

9 days ago   Article ID# 4132495
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Magnifying Urban Realities and Affecting Lives

EWING, NEW JERSEY (gamesinners.com) - Lupe Fiasco is no stranger to Street Fighter V. The musician is perhaps best known to gamers as the man who played a set of SFV against Daigo Umehara, arguably the greatest Street Fighter player to have ever lived. While it is common consensus that Lupe’s victory over Daigo was staged, it was still an entertaining and innocent wrestling-style match to promote the game.

But now Lupe Fiasco is getting back into the ring with people closer to his skill level. It’s been announced that Shaquille O’Neal, WWE’s Natalie Eva Marie, and NFL star Reggie Bush will all be competing amongst one another in a single elimination tourney of Street Fighter V. The winner will acquire the right to donate money to a charity of their choice.

All four players have already selected what charity they will donate to if they emerge victorious. Lupe Fiasco has chosen his own foundation M.U.R.A.L. which stands for Magnifying Urban Realities and Affecting Lives. Shaq has selected the Odessa Chambliss Quality of Life Fund, a non-profit organization specializing in helping the disadvantaged acquire nursing related careers. Eva Marie chose the American Cancer Society, and Reggie went with his own foundation, the 619 Charitable Fund.

So we know what charities the players have sided with, but what characters will they end up playing themselves?

Lupe will likely play Ken, as he did in the set versus Daigo. But as for the other competitors? Perhaps Eva Marie will select Rainbow Mika or Zangief, to respect the tradition of pro wrestling. But as for the basketball and football legends, it’s still a mystery what characters Shaq and Reggie Bush will go for. They might be attracted to a character like Balrog, the boxer of the game’s lineup, considering it may be easier for actual athletes to relate to actual fighting styles, as opposed to the fictitious style Shotokan Ryu and Ken use, or the lightning-infused Jiu-Jitsu used by Laura.

The matches will air on TBS’ program ELEAGUE on April 28th. It can be viewed on broadcast television, Twitch or YouTube’s streaming service live.

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Updated 9 days ago   Article ID# 4132495

Magnifying Urban Realities and Affecting Lives    Visit Website

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