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Suzy of Miss A gives 100 million won to Life Sharing Practice Movement HQ

By Jan Omega, inquisitr.com

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Life Sharing Practice Movement

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK (inquisitr.com) - In Hallyu, there are a select few K-pop idols and K-drama stars who are well-known for their philanthropy as well as their careers. Park Shin Hye, the popular Hallyu superstar and K-drama actress of Heirs opposite Lee Min Ho, Pinocchio opposite Lee Jong Suk, and Doctors opposite Kim Rae Won, is a prime example of this. Just recently, she was honored by joining the Hungry International Philanthropy Club after donating 100 million won to their charity. Shin Min Ah is another popular Hallyu superstar and K-drama actress who is suddenly known for her philanthropy. It was found out she donated over $1 million (USD) over the course of eight years to charity.

Now the latest Hallyu philanthropy news features Bae Su Ji, who is either known as Bae Suzy or Suzy of K-pop girl group Miss A. It was reported she donated 100 million won to Life Sharing Practice Movement Headquarters.

On Saturday, March 18, Hallyu industry insiders revealed Suzyís philanthropy to the public. According to AllKpop, the Life Sharing Practice Movement Headquarters is an organization dedicated to fighting for respect of life and patient treatment support. It should be reported this isnít the first time Suzy has donated for a charitable cause. Back in 2014, she donated 50 million won to Gwangju-Jeonnamís Life Sharing Practice Organization to help the families of victims of the Sewol Fairy Disaster.

In March of 2015, Suzy was honored by the charity organization Community Chest of Korea after she donated over $100,000 (USD). She became the 791st member of their Honor Society of biggest donators. Finally, Suzy donated 10 million won to a charity managed by the Buk District Council of Gwangju to serve low-income families.

Of course Suzy is able to give so much to philanthropy thanks to the blessings she received through her career as a K-pop idol actress. Originally, Suzy is a K-pop idol who made her start as a member of the four-member girl group Miss A. Though very popular especially with K-pop fans who are SayA (official fan club of Miss A), Miss A hasnít released anything new since 2013. Fortunately, Suzy does have a successful music career outside being a K-pop idol, especially with her duets. Just recently, she performed a duet with Park Won titled ďDonít Wait For Your Love.Ē

As for her acting, Suzy played the female lead character No Eul in the Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) K-drama Uncontrollably Fond opposite Kim Woo Bin (School 2013, Heirs). The series wasnít popular in South Korea but got plenty of attention internationally especially in China. In the second half of 2017, Suzy will play the female lead character Nam Hong Ju in the Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS) K-drama While You Are Sleeping opposite Lee Jong Suk (Pinocchio, W).

Ultimately, Suzy will continue to perform both as a singer and an actress as long as her fan base continues to support her. Whether people like or dislike what she does for her career, nobody can deny that she is one of the most humanitarian Hallyu stars in the industry today.

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Updated 9 days ago   Article ID# 4089270

Life Sharing Practice Movement   

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