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Former Colts RB Eric Dickerson aims to help charity on new "Celebrity Apprentice"

By Andrea Morehead, wthr.com

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Young Warriors

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA (wthr.com) - The format and the focus are still the same - raising money for charity.

And one of the contestants on this season of "The Celebrity Apprentice" is a former Hoosier.

The show has moved from the right to the left coast and a new host fires the stars with phrases that sound like they've come right out of a movie.

The 15th season of "The Celebrity Apprentice" remains true to what you've loved including watching business projects managed and executed by a colorful cast of famous faces like pop star Boy George.

"The idea of going into a business environment is it's funny. It's gonna be exciting. But it's something I've done for a long time since I left school. So yes, being fired is like bringing back some great memories," says George.

The phrase "You're fired!" is gone and so, too, is the former host Donald Trump who made it famous. Now an actor and former governor is taking over with some new tag lines, including "You're terminated," "Hasta La Vista," and "Get to the chopper!"

Arnold Schwarzenegger says he has the business chops to control the board room.

"I made my first million not from entertainment, not swinging the sword in Conan the Barbarian, not wiping out 50 people in Terminator 1. It was from real estate, buying and selling real estate by the age of 30 already," he said.

Sixteen contestants work on business campaigns hoping to be the last person standing to win money for their charity like MMA fighter Chael Sonnen's Hire Heroes USA.

"They help them form their resume they essentially work as a broker between the veteran and the business and they help land them jobs. They landed over 30,000 for veterans last year. There's nobody in that space that's even close," Sonnen said.

Many of the contestants are business owners themselves, like Laila Ali. She's a former boxer and daughter of the late boxing great Muhammad Ali. She says the balancing act of work and family life has made her a better entrepreneur.

"I just want to say one thing. I'm as close to a superwoman as you can get and I still wake up every morning and ask how am I gonna get it done," Ali said. "For me, I think what I've learned to do is shorten the list and I have the top things that are my priority."

Kyle Richards, star of the hit Bravo show "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," said, "As a mom of four, I'm a strong woman. I think a mother of four can do almost anything and I'm business savvy I am very creative and I think the fact that I am born and raised an Angelino, I have one up on everybody and I know my way around this town."

"I know it's cold back there right now. But we're enjoying Southern California," said Eric Dickerson. The former Indianapolis Colts running back says he misses the Hoosier Hospitality.

"You really helped put Indianapolis on the map back in the day," said Eyewitness News anchor Andrea Morehead.

"Well, I guess I feel like that sometimes, but sometimes I feel like I came up short on the mark. You know, you didn't win a Super Bowl. But that's hard, that's a whole team effort, it really is. But I was thankful like I said that they embraced me with open arms and we did some good things back in Indy," Dickerson said.

"What's your fondest memory of the city?" Morehead asked.

"You know my fondest memory, I would have to say, is when I played my first game there. The first game in the Hoosier Dome and the cheers that I got coming onto the field," Dickerson replied.

Now he's playing a different game of strategy to win for his charity, Young Warriors, which helps fatherless boys.

"Any man that has a child and doesn't support his child, a girl or boy, I think it's a sorry man. It really is. And it's pitiful because the kid didn't act to be brought into this situation and I just believe that every kid deserves a chance," Dickerson said.

He hopes "The Governor" will give him to a chance to stay in the game from week to week.

"I want him to say 'Come back,' 'Come back'," Dickerson said.

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Updated 108 days ago   Article ID# 3994532

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