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The Iraqi Red Crescent relieves more than 225,000 people during the liberation operations in Mosul


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Iraqi Red Crescent Society

NEW YORK, NEW YORK (reliefweb.int) - More than two months have passed since the beginning of Mosul operations, and the Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS) has implemented relief and health operations for the displaced people in Nineveh governorate, supported by its partners in the International Movement of Red Cross and Red Crescent.

The IRCS has managed to relieve more than 225,000 people inside and outside Mosul governorate.

The IRCS has divided the work into three phases to relieve the people in Mosul governorate and prepare food and relief materials for them with the participation of 7500 volunteers and 2500 employees working alternately to participate in the rapid response to relieve the displaced. The first phase is the left coast ( east of Mosul) covered by the Erbil branch and its supporting branches and includes the camps of Hasan Al-Sham and Khazer, the second phase is north of Mosul city also covered by Duhok branch and includes Zulaykan camp, and the last phase is southwest of Mosul and Shirqat covered by Salahuldin branch and its supporting branches, which also includes Jada and Arbeda camps near Al- Alam district.

The IRCS's relief teams have managed to relieve 115,000 displaced people at the camps which have been installed in the phases of displacement, adding to relieve more than 110,000 people in the liberated areas where the IRCS teams have managed to enter 35 areas and districts inside Mosul city to provide the relief and food packages.

The number of distributed food parcels have reached 35,736 and 110,000 ready food meal, adding to prepare the families with 963'000 loaves of bread.

The IRCS teams have distributed more than 153,000 bottles of water and installed water station (M40) which have so far distributed more than 1.5 million liters of water to the displaced families at the camps.

While food parcels have been distributed to the displaced, covered more than 75,000 decks and blankets, adding to 165'390 clothing items and prepared the camps with stoves and fireplaces.

In terms of health, the number of beneficiaries from health services provided by the IRCS to the displaced families more than 111,114 people, these services covered psychosocial support for men, women and children, also raise awareness of communicable diseases and provide first aid and treatment to the injured people, and those with diseases.

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Updated 12 days ago   Article ID# 3993206

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