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Save Glacier National Park's Grizzly Bears

Action: Wildlife Conservation

July 17, 2013   Action Alert ID# 107


Glacier National Park's grizzly bears urgently need your help. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is moving to strip federal protections for grizzly bears living in and around the park, despite major threats that still threaten the bears and their habitat.

The Endangered Species Act has been a lifesaver for grizzly bears in the western United States, but populations still face the same threats they did at the time they were listed in 1975. Climate change also presents a new and serious threat to key foods for the bears. And with the lowest reproductive rate of any mammal in North America, grizzly bears are extremely vulnerable to excessive killing.

Historically grizzly bears in the lower 48 states roamed from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Coast and from Canada south to Mexico. In just 200 years the bears have been reduced to less than 1 percent of their former range. Grizzlies have less than 1 percent of their original numbers after excessive habitat destruction and extermination campaigns nearly wiped them out.

Grizzly bears play a unique role in maintaining the wild lands where they live as the top of the food chain. Because their home ranges span several hundred square miles and they are sensitive to development, grizzly bears serve as an indicator of the health of the places where they live. If grizzly bears are healthy, so are other wildlife species -- from big game to songbirds.

Grizzly bears are smart, resilient and resourceful, but they're no match for modern civilization. This is why they have been relegated to the most remote, wild places left in North America -- special places reserved for wildlife and people who love wildlife, like Glacier National Park.

Instead of pursuing this deeply flawed and risky plan, the Service should go back to the drawing board. Please take action now using the form below to urge the agency to reject the plan that abandons Glacier's grizzly bears.

Please take action now and urge the agency to reject the plan that abandons Glacier's grizzly bears.

July 17, 2013   Action Alert ID# 107


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