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Estal Of Europe Charity In Zurich Switzerland

Estal Of Europe

 Zurich     Switzerland

http://www.estal.org     << Visit Website

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Estal Of Europe Charity Profile

ESTAL is domiciled in Zurich. Its objects are
to promote the interests of its members at international level,
to actively contribute towards finding solutions to technical, economic and ecological issues associated with the production and utilisation of surface treated aluminium,
to encourage the development of new technologies.
Active membership of ESTAL is open to all national trade associations dealing with the specific problems and issues on a national scale

ESTAL's main activity it to provide information about the European industry, especially through an annual congress, and an exchange of non-commercial information in the form of statistics and publications.

ESTAL is the representative of the aluminium finishing industry in Europe. For ESTAL representation means standing for common shared interests of a modern economic sector with innumerable future prospects. ESTAL and its members from 15 European Countries represents very individual entrepreneurship, from the very small job company to in-house treatment plants.

In the recent years ESTAL was successful in defending the interests of its members as a result of continuous work of the organisation. ESTAL is a centre of competence with reflection on all questions arising from aluminium surface treatment. Many of our competence skills were promoted through our strong links to other European organisations, i.e. EAA and the quality label organisations.

As the new president of ESTAL, I am proud and pleased to lead the organisation for the next three years. ESTALís position could only be reached through consequent work done by my predecessors, Messrs. Gonzalez Soler (Spain) and de Colfmaker (Belgium), the Executive Committee and ESTALís working groups. In practice, representation in the European legislation processes is based on the fact that ESTAL is being asked if something is moving on in Brussels.

However, representation of the industry and defending its interests mainly depends on two very important factors: First, the organisation of structures and processes and second, the power to influence decisions that have an impact on the activities of the National Organisations and their member companies.

To strengthen ESTALís organisational efficiency, we are planning to reorganise our engagement in the European Union by creating internal and external information points. Through a strong lobbying commitment, ESTAL will be more ďvisibleĒ, will take faster decisions and will improve information flows to the National Associations and the companies. Be sure that you will find details on this homepage in the near future.

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