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Hands at Work Charity In Mpumalanga South Africa

Hands At Work

 Mpumalanga     South Africa

http://handsatwork.org     << Visit Website

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Hands at Work Charity Profile

We are a Christian non-profit organisation working in vulnerable communities across sub-Saharan Africa where HIV/AIDS, poverty and numbers of orphans are highest and support structures are very low. We help the local church in those communities to effectively care for the orphaned and vulnerable. Our ministry is to all those in need, regardless of race, class or religion.

What we do
We identify local Christian leaders within vulnerable communities who are already demonstrating a passion to serve the poor and broken in their community and to fulfill the biblical mandate to care for the orphaned and vulnerable. We support those leaders in developing a locally-owned organisation in their community and begin a long-term relationship of service and partnership, where we continually work to increase the community's capacity to provide care in an effective and holistic manner. Read more about our response...

Where we do it
Hands at Work in Africa has a staff of 35 at it's hub near White River, South Africa. We also have offices in each of the African countries where we work that exists solely to serve our community organisations located across Africa by sharing knowledge, imparting skills, and mentoring leaders and volunteers.

Hands at Work’s network of international churches and organizations also participate as capacity-building tools for our communities by supplying resources, sending short-term teams and sending individuals for mid-term and long-term service. Our international offices stir up individuals and groups to partner with our African brothers and sisters in caring for the broken communities in Africa.

How we do it
Hands at Work in Africa has a network of more than 80 community based organisations across sub-Saharan Africa and manages a constant flow of information, resources, and people out to and among those organisations to be used in the service of increasing sustainability and local capacity. Institutional care (such as hospitals and orphanages) in these communities is often completely overwhelmed by the magnitude of the HIV/AIDS and orphan crisis it faces, so, in accordance with UNAIDS recommendations, we help our communities to develop community-based solutions for the crises around them. Read more about our response...

Hands at Work Volunteer Information

The heart of Hands at Work is to mobilize the African church to reach the continent’s most vulnerable children, to reach 100,000 orphaned and vulnerable children that would otherwise not be reached. And we are striving to reach them by the end of 2010 by caring for the basic health, education and food security of each child at just $15 per month.

Be a part of achieving this goal through our Arise+Build Campaign by committing now to a monthly contribution or one time donation: $30 per month cares for two children and $180 cares for one child for a year.

For larger donations not going towards Arise+Build or to help fund ongoing capital projects, donate to the Hands at Work General account or contact us at: Infoweb@handsatwork.org.

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