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Hope Community Center Kenya Charity In North Kinangop Kenya

Hope Community Center Kenya

 North Kinangop     Kenya

http://www.hopecckenya.org     << Visit Website

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Hope Community Center Kenya Charity Profile

In fact, the volunteers and teams who minister to our children come from many different (countries,regions, Christian denominations), as do the staff who work in our orphanage.

Our passion is to love the most desperate and vulnerable children in the communities where we serve and to permanently change the direction of their lives. The needs of children at risk around the world are staggering, and those needs cannot be met unless many different individuals, churches and organizations work together, each committing themselves to that part of the task which they have been called to accomplish. Accordingly, it is our desire is to work cooperatively with every other person, church or organization who shares in our heart and our vision for helping these children.

Hope Community Center is a christian non-profit charity aimed at giving hope and future to Aids orphaned kids,street childrens, abused and underprivillaged children in kenya.

The orphanage is located 172 Kilometers North East of Nairobi in a place called Kinangop. It is registered in Kenya under the Registrar of Societies of Kenya.

Hope Community Center seeks to have a just, caring and loving society where children are supported with spiritual, physical, emotional and psychological needs, a place where they are endowed with self esteem, respect, are made to be responsible, and have productive lives.

Hope community centre was started in 1998 we currently have over 200 children, but one thing remains the same; "This is a home where children are loved"Sister Lucy says, "It's not an orphan's home and it's not an institution. It is a home with a home atmosphere. That's what we've always tried to make it"

Our vision
Our vision is to live, work and pray together - to create a place that the poor and abandoned can call home. (Most of these people once lived in the street corridors and sewage pipes
At Hope Community Center we enjoy faithful relationships, forgiveness, celebration, God's personal presence.The goals of the center are to provide the children with:

Enable orphans, destitute, abandoned and street children to acquire Government approved education without interruption.Currently we have children from Nursery to college at different levels

Hope Community Center Kenya Volunteer Information

Volunteers are very special to us. They bring alot of gifts and talents In the orphanage. We accept volunteers from all over the world. You dont have to have a past experience in order to volunteer in our orphanage.we usually have openning for volunteer between a length of 2-4 weeks. For those willing to commit themselves for longer period we can also put into consideration.

We do have open "positions" that we are seeking to fill with short-term volunteer. All short-term volunteers raise their own financial support.
What we offer
We offer accommodation on site for your stay,adjoining the staffs accommodation and meal.There are people around in the office and on the property during the day, and night and at various other times for church activities. Itís a fun family environment. Shops are close by 2km. There are large shopping centres in town about 25 kilometres away in Naivasha.During your time-off, there are also opportunities to explore other parts of kenya, including visiting game parks, lakes,mountains, museums, etc.(All arrangement will be made by the orphanage).We need people who are able to function well as part of a team, with an attitude of servant-heartedness.

Hope Community Center Kenya Donation Information

There are number of ways you can do to make a change to the life of the children in the orphanage;The needs range from as simple as the basic needs of food and clothing for the children; school fees so that children can go to school and pay teachers; a water filter for sanitary drinking water; washing machines to wash the many clothes the children dirty on a daily basis; medical care; and so much more.

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