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One Home Many Hopes Charity In Mtwapa Kenya

One Home Many Hopes

 Mtwapa     Kenya

http://onehomemanyhopes.org     << Visit Website

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One Home Many Hopes Charity Profile

In the early 1990s, Anthony Mulongo was selected by the Kenyan Government as one of the 18 brightest students in Kenya. He was placed in an intensive five-year program of study in journalism. A lucrative career beckoned.

But his outlook and perspective changed one day several years later while covering a story in Mombasa. He befriended a group of street children living and eating from the rubbish dumps. There he met Gift Hawa.

Gift was a six-year-old girl who lost her mother to AIDS, and whose 10-month-old brother had died on her back while she carried him through the streets in search of food. Anthony moved Gift into his house, enrolled her in school and raised her as his daughter. Today Gift is 13 and among the oldest of 33 girls in Mudzini Kwetu.

The Present:

Mudzini Kwetu is currently home to over thirty girls, a handful of hens, three cows, a vegetable patch, a few fruit trees and a donkey named George - all living together on a single acre of land. Mudzini Kwetu is truly "One Home Many Hopes"!

The girls wake up at 6 a.m. and do chores together around the home under the supervision of house mothers Saida and Grace. When new girls arrive they have often been toughened by the severity of their early years and are hostile to helping. After a few weeks the influence of the other girls usually softens these hard edges and the new girls learn to become part of the family.

"We help the younger ones when they come and are bad. We help them to be good. It feels really nice to help them change. Sometimes they come and won't do anything but then they become different. Anthony is kind and treats us well, he is very good with all the girls."
--Gift Hawa, the first girl to call Mudzini Kwetu home.

By 7:30, the girls are in school. Mudzini Kwetu believes that education is the best way to escape cyclical poverty. The girls at Mudzini Kwetu attend classes at a private English-speaking school for up to 12 hours each day.

Toys are expensive. The girls own a couple of board games, a few hula hoops, a rusty bicycle, some bricks and a soccer ball. Trips to the beach and to church are favorite off-site destinations. The girls can recite every line from the two movies they own.

The Future:

Our vision is:

• A new three-story building with each floor serving as a distinct family unit headed by a "house mother."

• A university education for the girls so they will be able to support themselves and be agents for ending poverty in their town, region, country and continent.

• An on-site kindergarten and school, free of the prohibitive private education fees that are common in Kenya.


“One Home Many Hopes” is a loving home for orphaned girls in Mtwapa, Kenya. It provides former street children with a nurturing environment, focused schooling and a chance at a healthy and productive life. Known in Kenya as “Mudzini Kwetu”, our philosophy is that education and family support are the most effective ways to lift our children out of cyclical poverty.

One Home Many Hopes Donation Information

Sustain the girls of Mudzini Kwetu by supporting One Home Many Hopes financially. Your support means the world to 35 daughters who call you mama and papa. Thank you for being part of our family.

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