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Reef Check Europe Charity In Bremen Germany

Reef Check Europe

 Bremen     Germany

http://www.reefcheck.de     << Visit Website

Coverage:  International

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Reef Check Europe Charity Profile

In 1997, Reef Check team led the first global stocktaking of the state of health of coral reefs through. More than 750 sports divers who voluntarily and freely participated by 100 volunteers were trained scientists and mentor. They were more than 300 reefs in 31 countries studied. The results of Reef Check 97 took the first tangible evidence of the serious damage to the reefs on a global scale.

Since then, every year worldwide in all Korallenriffgebieten Reef Check conducted. In 2003, Reef Check was held in 60 countries and territories instead.

In addition to the valuable scientific results could Reef Check the public attention from scientists, governments, politicians and the general public for the value of coral reefs, whose threat and the solutions to the problems cause. This message was worldwide on television (including CNN and BBC, Germany HR and NDR) and major newspapers and magazines in a dozen languages.

The more people and countries participate, the greater the media attention, and the quicker solutions can be enforced.

If you are divers, marine scientists, or simply have someone who loves coral reefs, then we need YOU to Reef Check even bigger and more successful to make.

Since 1998, the United Nations as the International Year of the Ocean was declared, were given the navy needs more attention by the governments.

Reef Check was "community-based program of the Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network, the UN says.

On the initiative of Reef Check was 2008 of the International Coral Reef Initiative on "International Year of the reef declared.

Reef Check is one of the few programs that the residents of coastal communities to help learn how to control their own reefs can monitor, so as to gain the information so that the reefs in a sustainable manner can be used.

The participation in Reef Check is one of the most promising approaches, the behavior of the people to change and the damage to slow at least to the extent that the reefs to recover

Reef Check Europe Volunteer Information

As a Reef Check volunteer, you'll learn an abundance of information about Hawai`i's marine ecosystem as you're trained to monitor and survey our reefs. Once you're trained you'll be qualified to join survey teams throughout the Main Hawaiian Islands. If you'd prefer to stay dry, you can help educate others about the importance of Hawai`i's coral reefs and how to keep them healthy by participating at outreach events or joining us at a beach clean-up.

Reef Check Europe Donation Information

With your tax-deductible donation, you will be investing in an organization that works to support sustainable management solutions for Hawai`i's coral reef ecosystems. Your donation will enable us to continue our monitoring efforts and provide education to hundreds of local volunteers throughout the Main Hawaiian Islands on coral reef ecology, threats to sustainability, survey monitoring methods, and the importance of preserving and protecting Hawai`i's coral reefs.

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