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Volunteering Ecuador Charity In Quito Ecuador

Volunteering Ecuador

 Quito     Ecuador

http://www.volunteeringecuador.org     << Visit Website

Coverage:  International

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Volunteering Ecuador Charity Profile

Our purpose is to help the most underprivileged members of society in Ecuador, the youth. Our ultimate goal is contributing to the health care and educational development of poor persons under 18 years old.

• The VE is a charitable organisation, which organises and co-operates with social programmes and projects looking for no profit. The VE does not receive economic assistance from the Ecuadorian Government or from any other official source.
•The VE requests a one time only fee, which is one of the two economic sources. This money facilitates the VE operations.
• The VE also receives at least 10% of the host family costs you pay; some times the donation is 100%.

Volunteering Ecuador Volunteer Information

Our volunteers, graduates or not, only assit or shadow local professionals at the assigned placement. Those persons who have an academic background, that is university graduates or students in the field of health care: medicine (pre-meds), psychology, counseling (must speak Spanish reasonably), physiotherapy, human services, nursery, etc. These volunteers work for poor little ones and youngsters at hospitals, clinics, orphanages, centres for disabled children, mentally retarded, incurables, street children, street infantile vendors; retention centres, primary schools, etc. Students looking for work experience in social work as a degree requirement. We allocate them at related institutions according to their academic interests. Upon the completion of the period, we issue the corresponding report of attendance. We have been co-operating in this field with some American universities, where, in some specific cases within the field of Human Services, VE has mentored and supervised the university students under the programs agreed upon. Those persons who may not have the background mentioned above but who wish to help in the best way they can especially at nurseries, day cares, centres for street children, little street vendors, etc., where volunteers are supposed to play with the children, chat and tell stories, teach them good manners, teach English by speaking to them, supervise and correct their behaviour, help with their homework and the like at public grammar, primary schools and retention centres. Volunteers may also teach formal English, computers, sports and other sciences in English (volunteers can be certified teachers or not). Any one over 16 years old can volunteer for us as long as she/he has a devoted personality for the poor. Volunteers may have or not have personal skills or academic background to volunteer. However, among university people we look especially for graduates or students of Social Work, Human Services, Pre-med, Medicine, Physiotherapy, Nursery, and English Language. We place professionals and university students in various public centres: hospitals, clinics, institutes, grammar and primary schools, day-cares, etc., to which we co-operate with. These programmes are developed either directly with the volunteer upon his/her request or under contacts with the university schools. Professionals and university students, while volunteering, have the opportunity to attend international seminars organised by Ecuadorian institutions on scientific and training areas like medicine, education, economics, third world politics, anthropology, indigenous issues, etc.

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