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Greenpeace Argentina Charity In Buenos Aires Argentina

Greenpeace Argentina

 Buenos Aires     Argentina

http://greenpeace.org.ar     << Visit Website

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Greenpeace Argentina Charity Profile

In 1971, a group of people concerned about nuclear testing that the U.S. planned to develop at Amchitka, a tiny Alaskan island of great ecological value for birds colonies houses, decided to do something more than protest against these tests. These activists, the founders of Greenpeace, believed a group of individuals can make a difference.

They rented an old fishing boat, the Phyllis Cormak, and put forward to Alaska. The goal was to stand between the American army and the island and thus stop them from taking out the tests.

The panel consisted of Dorothy and Irving Stowe, Marie and Jim Bohlen, Ben and Dorothy Metcalfe and Bob Hunter, they thought combining two words to demonstrate their concern for the planet and its opposition to nuclear weapons and thus emerged the new group name: Greenpeace . One of the crew told reporters before departing: "We want peace and we want to be green", that would be the spirit of the organization.

While the boat and its crew never reached their destination, the coast guard stopped them before, and the bomb was detonated, spreading its activities through the press was so important that, in the same year, the U.S. government announced the closure of its nuclear program.

Over the years various groups, unconnected, in the United States, Canada and Europe, took the name of Greenpeace. The establishment of offices in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands was crucial to unite all groups in the world under that name and create, in 1978, Greenpeace International, unifying the way you work.

Today, Greenpeace is one of the most important environmental organizations in the world, headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and has offices in 41 countries worldwide.Greenpeace Argentina was officially opened on 1 April 1987 and was the first office opened in a developing country.

The small group of volunteers who had started work in 1986, decided that the best thing was to start work on toxic waste , demanding a ban on the production, importation, sale and use of 12 toxic chemical compounds. That was the first campaign.
Since then, Greenpeace Argentina was growing and moving forward on various environmental problems: overfishing, water pollution, destination of waste, climate change, clearing of native forests. Today, Greenpeace Argentina is the largest environmental organization in the country, whose headquarters are located in the City of Buenos Aires, with groups of volunteers in Rosario, Córdoba, Mar del Plata, Neuquén.

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